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Sports of India
Alongside history, culture and arts India has thrived in the fields of different sports. Cricket, hockey, tennis, shooting, archery and a host of other contemporary sports are played in the country. Besides the contemporary ones the traditional sports are also given due heed. Interestingly sports also form an integral part of entertainment and even religion, for instance, boat racing, jallikattu, kushti and others.
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Sports Categories of Sports of India
Indian Cricket  (1086)
Indian Cricket
Sub Categories
  Ranji Trophy   (339)
  Indian Cricket Players   (298)
  Indian State Level Cricketers   (157)
  Indian Cricket Personalities   (53)
  Duleep Trophy   (43)
Athletics  (605)
Sub Categories
  Indian Athletes   (330)
  Badminton in India   (41)
  Indian Martial Arts   (33)
  Golf in India   (30)
  Sports Awards in India   (29)
Indian Hockey  (182)
Indian Hockey
Sub Categories
  Indian Hockey Players   (151)
  Hockey in India   (17)
  Indian Hockey Tournaments   (4)
  Indian Hockey Teams   (3)
  Management of Indian Hockey   (1)
Traditional Sports  (172)
Traditional Sports
Sub Categories
  Traditional Sports in India   (47)
  Traditional Games   (25)
  Wrestling in India   (24)
  Shooters in India   (12)
  Kabaddi in India   (10)
Indian Football  (153)
Indian Football
Sub Categories
  Indian Football Players   (86)
  Indian Football Clubs   (25)
  Indian Football   (23)
  Football Tournaments in India   (10)
  Indian Football Associations   (1)
Indian Tennis  (89)
Indian Tennis
Sub Categories
  Indian Tennis Players   (43)
  Table Tennis in India   (16)
  Table Tennis Associations in India   (6)
  India Tennis Academies   (4)
  Tennis Tournaments in India   (4)
Chess  (48)
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